About Us

Full Circle

Do you want to live the good life? Vacation Living is all about living the good life! You have worked hard and deserve to come home and feel like you are on vacation all year long. Harness the power of home ownership by letting real estate reward you with income, home exchanges & travel experiences. Let us make it happen for you! I have developed a platform that encompasses real estate sales, vacation rentals and home exchanges all in one for not only the consumer but also other real estate entrepreneurs around the world. Fill out the contact form for inquiries and pricing to bring Vacation Living 365 to your market!

I know I want to live the good life! A little bit about how I got here: 

When everything is against the odds something wonderful happens. I call it Murphy's luck. Its that moment when you realize it was all meant to be! It’s in these storms that we learn to sail. I learned to sail by a little baby boy fighting for his life and from that moment he has been my guiding light. 

That light along with passion, good will, strong work ethics and the connections I have made in life have got me here today.  

Live life to the fullest, Michelle